Our Team

Kampelmann Academy Team:


Ursula (Ulli) Kampelmann - Founder & CEO

Ulli is a German educator, artist and entrepreneur. She built a successful business in a tough field where most fail: Art. She imbues her knowledge and experience into a world-class, online education platform intended to ensure that students successfully understand and can easily apply the knowledge they wish to learn.

She studied Educational Philosophy, Education and Art in Germany and was trained in the most effective education principles and methods developed by the brightest education innovators over the last four hundred years. Ulli Kampelmann received her Master of Education degree and is a specialist for German language, art and teacher training. After teaching for some time, Ms. Kampelmann opened her first art studio and within a few years had built a broad collection of important commissions with large companies. She has now rekindled her passion for education and devotes all of her energies to this academy.

For more information about the founder, see her Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ulli_Kampelmann

and her artworks website: UlliKampelmann.com


Steve Van Stone - COO

Steve is himself an experienced and successful entrepreneur managing his construction and renovation business for over two decades. Besides this, he is a certified and licensed business management consultant, he builds websites and is a professional videographer.

Ali Al-sudani - Translator

Ali came from Baghdad to Austria. He lives now in Vienna and studies German languages and Computer Science. Ali assists us in our German language course with the translations into the Arabic language.

Hans-Peter Tschupp - Videographer, Webmaster, Teacher

Hans-Peter is a successful entrepreneur in his own right. He built a successful flight training school, is a competent videographer, website designer, music teacher and one of his hobbies is building and playing church organs. He holds a teaching degree in math, physics and music from Switzerland and can teach in both German and English. Hans-Peter will be our webmaster.

Prof. Dr. Peter Eyerer - Experiencial Training Liaison, Teacher of Polymer Engineering

Peter is the former director of the Fraunhofer Institute of Chemical Technology in Karlsruhe, Germany. He founded TheoPrax, an organization dedicated to the didactic linking of theory and practice in the classroom. He also founded the Offene Jugend Werkstatt (Open Youth Workshop) to train school-kids in engineering through hands on projects of their own devising, aided by experienced engineers. SInce the application of knowledge is such a large part of our educational methodology, Peter will help to coordinate and connect up our students with experiential learning groups, clubs and organizations in their own areas.

We have thirty teachers and mentors from all over the world already on board and standing by to start producing videos of kindergarten through high school curricula.

Production staff consisting of video editors, researchers and transcribers. Initially, we will need only two editors, one of which will act as researcher and transcriber. As we grow, we will eventually need three full-time editors, one full-time researcher and one full-time transcriber.

Once we are funded, we will recruit a Marketing Director to create and control our marketing and social media campaigns, most of which will be online.


peter eyerer

Peter - Germany -



Anil - Nepal - Math             


Farouk - Dubai - Arabic      

Mark Van Stone

Mark - USA - History          

Hanspeter Tschupp2

Hans-Peter - Switzerland - Music & Physics

Kalina Moore

Kalinda - USA - Science    

Carola Helbing Erben

Carola - Germany - Geography


Michal - Czech Republic - Art               


Roman - Ukraine - Economics


Bharat - India - Mathematics 


Bärbel - Germany - German 


Reti - Estonia - Art            


Konky - Columbia - Biology


Mohammed - Saudi Arabia - Science