Complete Curriculum for American Schoolkids


In the USA, 7000 to 8000 high school students drop out of school - every day

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The curriculum is designed to develop the student's capabilities in order to enhance one's life and contribute to society.

We ensure that the students understand that skills and talents are more important than test results.

Our tutors inspire the student to use language in its entirety: eloquence of speech, deftness of composition, storytelling, poetry, spelling, grammar, handwriting and skilled use of a dictionary.

With ample examples and demonstrations, we ensure that the students have a firm grasp on basic mathematics, its purpose and use in life.

We all work to encourage the students to excel in art and design: music, painting, dancing, sculpture, architecture, etc.

The curriculum provides a solid understanding and applicability of the various sciences: physics, geography, chemistry, engineering, health, computer, history.

We inspire the students to help others, respect others' opinions and cultures, and take responsibility for the environment.

When a student needs personalized help, mentors will be available via Skype.

We offer goal-finding for high school students to help them discover, define and clarify their career and life paths and outline program steps to achieve them.

Our teaching methods are highly visualized and provided through excellently made educational videos online.

Because the best way to learn is by employing one's perceptions, our teachers are visible onscreen, demonstrating the subjects using models, examples, experiments and demonstrations to ensure the students fully understand the subject and, most importantly, how it can be applied in life. Having a solid understanding of a subjects' purpose is integral to a complete understanding and use of the subject. As often as possible, the examples shown are in real-life; e.g. instead of a photo of a bakery printed in a book, the students will see the workings of a real bakery. The tutors will inspire and encourage the students to go out themselves to experience first-hand, real examples in their own environment.